A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

~~ This game is still a work in progress, and this current downloadable game is just a quick little snippet of the full game!! Im planning on uploading the full game here, sometime in November (2018) ~~

Don't you just love pigeons?  They're round, fluffy, and goofy. Don't you just want to touch their round fluffy bodies?

Well now you can! In Pigeon Game, you can feed, chase, and pet pigeons!!!! This game is a work in progress, made in 4 weeks for a uni project with my good friend Zach.  The end goal is to be able to do all of the above, as well as HOLD not only pigeons, but a bunch of different kinds of birds. 

You can find all of Zach's games on his itch page Zachariah Chandler! OR, follow his twitter, @dogs_r_cool.

Feel free to give the demo a play, and fulfil your life long dream of finally being able to touch a pigeon!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

'just puff the puph birds.' - ipon.hu (via google translate)

'stroke its puffy bod' - Alice O'Connor, RockPaperShotgun

Install instructions

Download and unzip! 


Pigeon Game™_MAC_v0.5.zip 38 MB
PigeonGameWIN.zip 33 MB

Development log


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this was so cute! thank you for allowing me to finally achieve my one true dream.