A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a game played by you and a friend - both sharing the same controller, one person fishes, while the other person records it on snapchat ! !! !! !!  When the day finishes, you can re-watch your recordings.  

You should play this because there are lots of good fishes and fun times with your friends. 

Programmed by me (Leura Smith) with art by Zach Chandler (or @dogs_R_cool) for a 4-week uni project. 


P.S. please read the readme it has "please" in the file name. 

Install instructions

unzip and   R E A D   T H E   R E A D M E


SnapFishing_LIN.zip 27 MB
SnapFishing_MAC.zip 27 MB
SnapFishing_WIN.zip 21 MB

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