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This game is quite silly and fun, I like it!

Won't download because it doesn't say it comes with the game.

I love this game! Thanks!!!

;) I love this! (but you already know from the forums) Great Game!

Great Game!



Great graphics, cool sticker, very immersive. Good Pigeon game ~


This game fills me with joy, it's so calming :D


this game has brought me immense joy

thank u


this was very cute! i like the drawn hearts. gameplay made me smile! thank you very much!

It was my childhood dream to catch and pet a pigeon and you made my dream come true. Thank you!

Yes, good. 5/5 would pigeon again

This game is so simple, yet so much fun!
I made a little video about it too, feel free to have a look! :D

More birds and more map, I want to see a lot in this game! Thank you for this delightful experience!

I want to do this in real life... But sadly I am never able to get the time to bond and feed pigeons

I love adorable games like this. There's no challenge, no spooks. just pure enjoyment. Great work :D

thankyou thankyou !! 

Why are they round sphere meme burds?

I like it where you hold the bird

I like that too : -)

i love this

i love you

this gave me life

I really love this game, they're so jiggly!!! The pigeons and this game make me very happy! <3

Adorable little game! I loved feeding and petting the pigeons, but the best part was the jiggling!

ahhh this is so wholesome, thanks for sharing with me! 

A nice lil simple game that puts a smile on your face! 10/10 good pidge

thankyouuuuuuu :-‘)) 

This game is absolutely amazing, and is a great use of jiggle. 11/10 would pick up more birds.

this comment made a pigeon somewhere in the world do a smile, thankyou!!!!! : -) 

This game is absolutely amazing, and is a great use of jiggle. 11/10 would pick up more birds.

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hello ! thanks for playing haha, it was nice to meet you !!! 

I played your game and made a short video of my gameplay! The birds' designs are very cute and compeling and I love the animations for them as well! Keep up the great work! 


ahh thankyou!! :') 

Most inspirational story based game.. GOTY -IGN

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this was so cute! thank you for allowing me to finally achieve my one true dream.