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The North Coogee Picnic Shelters (otherwise known as 'Dune Creatures') may not be one of the most famous pieces of architecture, but they're one of my personal favourites. I love that they're so simple, yet so complex at the same time. Not only do I love the physical buildings, I also love the architectural model that most will never have the pleasure to see. So, I made it into a walking sim.

There isn't really a point to this 'game', just walk around and enjoy the great work done by Blacket Smith Architects. It's a really complex structure, but I've done my best to do it justice. Have a play, and walk around an architectural model in a new way. I'm really just trying to experiment with new ways to combine architecture and games, so I hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to:

Blacket Smith Architects, for letting me use their design! They've made some really fantastic stuff, so if you're interested in more work like this, give them a google!

Nymano for letting me use their music. Not only are they an amazing composer, they're super friendly as well!
Give them a listen at : https://soundcloud.com/nymano

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Tagsarchitecture, Crafting, Walking simulator

Install instructions

Just download the file, unzip it, open, and play! Hope you enjoy it!


Dune Creatures.zip 29 MB

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